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EOFY Special Membership Upgrade Offer for Affiliates

Professional Membership lifts your career!

For full access to all Professional Member Benefits including:

  • The highly regarded Member Mentor Program
  • Quarterly editions of Leader magazine
  • 6000+ Management and Leadership e-books

Upgrade to Professional Member status before 30 June 2017 and we will apply a special discount so you only pay $220 for the first 12 months, plus we will waive the $99 application fee! (usual subscription fees $299 - $399 depending on grade awarded).

To provide immediate value, we'll also include a complimentary event pass for you plus a guest to redeem at an upcoming Personal Member event of your choice within the next 6 months.

Apply to upgrade to Professional Membership today!

Waived $99 Application Fee for Employees of Corporate Member Organisations

We have two types of membership: Corporate Membership for organisations, and Professional Membership for individuals. The benefits of each type of membership are very different.

If you work for a Corporate Member organisation and would like to become a Professional Member to access those exclusive benefits, we will waive the $99 application fee when you join, so you only pay the annual subscription fee.

Simply apply here and select, 'Yes, I work for an AIM WA Corporate Member Company' in the Special Promotions Section of the form.

To find out whether your organisation is a Corporate Member of AIM WA, please ask your HR team or you can call us on
(08) 9383 8000
to speak with our Client Services Team.