This program is designed for leaders and high potentials seeking to enhance their leadership presence.


By exploring techniques used by actors and directors – participants gain insight on how they present to others, practical steps to present with greater credibility, techniques to increase staff engagement and skills to positively influence and motivate teams.

Leaders are performers - teams look to their leaders and trigger off their moods, actions, behaviours and energy.

Every project is a performance - leaders set the message, select their cast and coach their teams to meet outcomes.

Participants will practice Building Character, Scripting, Voice Control, Costuming and Thinking On Your Feet in sessions designed to encourage reflection on your current behaviours and to feel the difference change makes.

The program builds on the Halpren/Lubar PRES Model of Leadership Presence:

P Being Present: be in the moment, have an emotional connection and be able to adapt to the unexpected.
R Reaching Out: build relationships through empathy, listening, and authentic connection.
E Expressiveness: express feelings and emotions and ensure your words, voice, movement, eye contact, body and face deliver a congruent message.
S Self-knowing: accept yourself,be authentic and reflect on your decisions and actions.

Our facilitators are trained actors and improvisors who have worked in the corporate space bringing leadership models and techniques to life for over 25 years and excel at teaching practical skills which can be easily integrated into the corporate setting.

Please download the flyer here.

About the Facilitator

Michael Sanderson-Green brings his talents as an actor, director and improviser to this workshop, coaching emerging and established leaders to build their leadership presence. Michael has worked as a corporate trainer, facilitator and coach for 25 years working with leaders across fields throughout Australia. His workshops are engaging and highly practical giving participants the opportunity to test out new skills before putting them into action back in the workplace.
Program code 012
Duration 1 day
Time 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • 01 November, 2018
Location AIM WA Floreat
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