Mike House
Mike House Author, Speaker and Survival Instructor
Mike House spent 20 years as a leading survival specialist and now works with leaders and teams who want to “Thrive and Adapt” in uncertain times.

His tools are described as tactical with ‘real world’ applicability. Mike’s insights explain human behaviour and blindspots, while giving useful ‘hacks’ to deal with pressure and shift ineffective thinking.

Having observed himself and countless others in extremes of deprivation and duress, Mike is uniquely positioned to offer profound and practical insight into effective and sustainable action under pressure.

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“Whether in business, the bush or life, there are three kinds of situations we face: Survival, Living or Thriving. All of them require us to be adaptable.”

Two people face identical circumstances. One sees opportunity, calmly inspiring the people around them. The other sees crisis, playing the victim and dragging other down with them.

In his work as a Survival Instructor and Change Agent, Mike became fascinated by the “Survivor Personality” - what makes some people survive against the odds while others perish. Survival doesn’t have to be life threatening. It’s any time we need to make decisions of consequence with limited time and resources.
Sound familiar?

Why is it that some leaders “Thrive and Adapt” – No matter what?
• They see situations clearly
• They can shift their perspective and approach, even under pressure
• They do relentlessly – actions that set the scene for success.

Join us for this session, which will be filled with memorable tactics to survive the dirtiest days. Easy tools, as quick as double espresso, with no negative health effects !

All Attendees will take away a copy of Mike's book, Thrive and Adapt - No Matter What.

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  • Event code M18206-08
  • Time 5.30PM - 7.30PM
  • Dates
    • 23 - 24 August, 2018
  • Location
    • AIM WA Leadership Centre
    • 76 Birkdale Street, Floreat
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