Stuart Jenner FAIM General Manager - Capability & Culture, Gold Road Resources
Stuart has held senior people capability roles with large publicly listed companies, private companies, government and was an Officer in the Australian Defence Force.

Stuart is passionate about personal health & wellbeing and has experienced first-hand the importance of exercise and nutrition as integral components to achieving peak performance. Stuart has also implemented successful health and wellbeing programs into the corporate arena through the establishment of structure and systems that enables sustainable behavioural change.
Amber Jenner Director and Founder,Eyezon Health & Fitness
Amber Jenner is the Head Trainer and Founder of Eyezon Health and Fitness. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy), Diploma of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing, is a Master Fitness Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor and a Certifi ed Health & Wellness Coach.

Like many people, she has been on the ‘health and fitness’ rollercoaster over the years, experiencing the extreme peaks of physical and mental health and wellbeing, but also the extreme lows. She decided to
take her passion for health and fitness and help as many people as possible overcome their barriers and realise their health and fitness goals.

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We often have the best intentions to improve our eating habits and exercise more. Whether that be limiting our intake of junk or processed foods, eating more fruit and vegetables, restricting our portion size, signing up to a gym membership, joining a fitness class etc.
Eating healthily and moving more are not only integral to optimising our performance, they are critical to preventing injuries and illnesses, maintaining optimal functional ability and increasing longevity and quality of life.

Yet in Australia, less than 7% of us meet our daily vegetable intake requirements and only just over half of us (54%) get our recommended daily intake of fruit.
So why has it become difficult to eat healthily and move more? Is it to do with our motivation? Our ability? Or both?

Join us for lunch and learn:
  • How movement/exercise and healthy eating behaviours help us to achieve and maintain peak performance;
  • How to establish your own vital behaviours for implementing and sustaining behavioural change in either exercising more and/or improving your eating habits;
  • Tips on how to incorporate movement and healthy eating behaviours into your next work travel trip or family holiday;
  • How to create a culture of movement and healthy eating behaviours in your organisation.

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  • Event code M18903-11
  • Time 12:00PM - 2:00PM
  • Dates
    • 14 November, 2018
  • Location
    • AIM WA Leadership Centre
    • 76 Birkdale Street, Floreat

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