Unique Student Identifier (USI) Mandatory from 1 January 2015

From 1 January 2015, all students undertaking Nationally Recognised training in Australia will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Once you have your USI, you can use it throughout your life, to keep a centralised online record of all your Nationally Recognised training. Whether you're studying at TAFE, a private training organisation, completing a certificate or diploma course, apprenticeship or skill set - you'll need a USI.


Don't be deceived by the title of this qualification. It is actually about implementing business process improvements and being on the lookout for ways to do, what you already do, better every day. Participants will be exposed to proven process improvement methodologies such as Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean and process mapping to identify the potential for process improvements and then implement approaches to realise this potential.

Successful completion of the assessment for this qualification will enable the participant to not only receive the Nationally Recognised qualification but also the Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

Who will benefit

The content and learning approaches used in the delivery of this qualification are suitable for participants from a wide range of industries and environments including manufacturing enterprises, mining and service organisations, office environments, distributors, warehouses, transport suppliers, other logistics support organisations, professional service suppliers, Government Departments and healthcare providers.

Key topics

  • Business process improvement methodologies
  • Selecting and using the most appropriate methodology
  • Identifying and reducing waste
  • Facilitating and implementing changes in systems, processes and practices
  • Mapping operational processes
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Process control maps and documentation.


There is no formal entry requirement. However, it should be noted that this qualification is not intended to supply operational or technical skills that are used in conjunction with competitive systems and practices skills.  This qualification assumes that a learner has current or past work experience where operational or technical skills have already been gained and a supervisory or similar level of responsibility exists.

What is required to gain the qualification

Attendance on the training program/s and successful completion of the assessment requirements. Assessment consists of set workplace tasks/assignments for each of the clustered units. Underpinning knowledge questions and third-party reports will also supplement the assessment approach.

Participants have up to 2 years to complete the training and assessment requirements of the qualification. This time frame will vary for each individual depending on their existing level of skills and knowledge and their ability to attend the training programs.

AIM WA recommends regular attendance on the monthly Free Qualification Support Workshops while completing the assessment requirements.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available for all or part of this qualification.  Please refer to the Enrolment Kit for details or the document located under Related Information on the RPL process.

Plan your training

  1. Download the Enrolment Kit located on this page under Related Information
  2. Read through the kit to learn more about the qualification and its requirements
  3. Complete the self-assessment and LLN questionnaires
  4. Email the questionnaires along with the application form (and RPL application if applicable) to enrol onto the qualification to assessments@aimwa.com
  5. Book onto the associated training program/s listed in the table below
  6. Attend training and complete the assessment requirements.

More information on each program can be found by clicking on the program in the table below. Bookings can be made on-line or by contacting Client Services at aimwa@aimwa.com.



5 days in total, face-to-face

Non Member
Professional Member
Corporate Bronze / Bronze Plus
Corporate Silver
Corporate Gold / Regional

12 units of competency

Non Member
Corporate/Professional Member

Assessment through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Non Member
Corporate/Professional Member

Related Information


Book on your choice of dates in the program listed in the table.

Program Name Relationship to Competency Standards Duration
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (142)
19 Nov 1811 Mar 1920 May 1909 Sep 1918 Nov 19

MSS403001 Review competitive systems and practices

MSS403010 Facilitate change in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices

MSMENV472 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

MSS403011 Facilitate implementation of competitive systems and practices

MSS403033 Map an operational process

MSS403035 Implement the visual workplace

MSS403044 Facilitate continuous improvement through the use of standardised procedures and practices

MSS403051 Mistake proof an operational process

MSMSUP390 Use structured problem-solving tools

MSS404052 Apply statistics to operational processes

MSS405002 Analyse and map a value stream

MSS404053 Use DMAIC techniques

5 days
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