Building and Sustaining Innovation

Innovation is an over-used word in modern organisations yet it remains an important ingredient of a successful team. This course adopts a practical perspective and explores ways to embed innovation into the culture of the team. 


1 Day



Smart organisations and leaders will embrace uncertainty and turn it into a competitive advantage through the strategic use of innovation.

Through the latest research, case studies and activities, this practical course will equip participants with the vital skills and knowledge necessary to ensure that creative and innovative approaches become a natural way of thinking and working within their organisation. 

Who will benefit

All managers working at the frontline of an organisation, from supervisors and team leaders, through to business unit and divisional managers.


  • The business case for more innovation
  • Three capabilities of innovation leadership
  • The paradoxes of innovation
  • How you create an environment where innovation thrives
  • Creating your innovation toolkit.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Lead and promote innovation within their organisation
  • Establish work practices and create a physical environment that supports innovation
  • Provide learning opportunities to develop the skills needed for innovation
  • Foster creative confidence within themselves.
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