Creating a Respectful Workplace Culture

This course focuses on the positive aspects of building a workplace culture that values respect, dignity and the rights of all employees.


1 Day



Rather than focus on the negative aspects of workplaces such as bullying, harassment and discrimination, this program seeks to focus on the positive aspects of building a workplace culture that values respect, dignity and the rights of all employees. By understanding what a respectful workplace looks like, you can explore how best to instil this culture and behaviour in your own organisation.

Who will benefit

Line managers, HR practitioners, learning and development professionals and others with responsibility for guiding the organisation towards a more respectful culture.


  • Agreeing what ‘respect’ means
  • Understanding psychological safety
  • The laws behind bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Role modelling by leaders
  • Calling out inappropriate behaviour
  • Setting a path for improving culture.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Define ‘respect’ in the workplace
  • Understand the various barriers and enablers to achieving a respectful workplace
  • Review the role of senior leaders and HR practitioners and also recognise the responsibilities of everyone within a legal framework
  • Reward positive behaviours
  • Respond to disrespectful actions
  • Define a respectful culture in behavioural terms
  • Decide on the next steps to move toward a more respectful culture within the organisation.
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