Managing a Sales Team

Success in a sales management role includes both meeting sales targets and building a strong team capable of creating long term relationships with clients. You will explore both dimensions during this intensive course.


3 Days (1 day per week for 3 weeks)



The role of the contemporary sales manager is complex. It frequently involves a balancing act between pushing hard to achieve personal and team goals whilst also supporting, developing and coaching individual team members. In addition, the sales manager may also have their own sales target to achieve.

All of these differing elements will be covered in this comprehensive program designed to deliver the essential knowledge and skills required to succeed. You will be taken through the discipline of identifying individual and team targets, forecasting, planning and client allocations.

This includes navigating the sometimes difficult conversations with team members to negotiate objectives and targets. Equally important, the course will guide you through the strategies to coach and develop team members to give them the maximum opportunity to achieve their targets.

This course offers aspiring and current sales managers a rich and intensive program to help them build a champion team.

Who Will Benefit

Current and aspiring sales managers who want to develop a high performing sales team, and who want to learn how to maximise the sales from their market segments.


  • The key result areas of a sales manager
  • Building a successful sales team
  • Sales planning, forecasting and budgeting
  • Measuring the performance of field sales people
  • Incentives and compensation options
  • Motivating the team
  • Counselling, discipline and appraisal interviews
  • Making presentations
  • Coaching others who give sales presentations.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Plan sales operations
  • Direct the sales team
  • Evaluate sales team effectiveness and performance
  • Prepare a presentation
  • Build and maintain networks
  • Review current business performance and capability
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