Supercharge Your Social Skills

The aim of the course is to help participants identify and practice more positive social behaviours, including verbal and nonverbal communication skills, face-to-face interactions, and virtual meeting skills.

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5 x 90 minute virtual classroom sessions


Intake 3 (Tuesdays & Thursdays):
3.00pm - 4.30pm
Five weeks commencing October 5

Thursday 5 October
Tuesday 10 October
Thursday 19 October
Tuesday 24 October
Tuesday 31 October



There’s that person you look up to – the one who seems confident in any situation; seems at ease when communicating at any level; and seems to be liked by all. You wish you could be like that, but it’s just not you. Having a better understanding of yourself - your strengths, as well as your areas for improvement - will allow you to start building your confidence to improve your communication and social skills.

Aside from the weekly sessions, participant will have the opportunity weekly to practice and get feedback on their results. Some of these practice opportunities will be based on the results from the “What’s My Communication Style” assessment participants will complete between weeks 1 and 2.

Who will benefit

The course is for anyone who wants to improve their communication with peers, co-workers, and managers, and others they regularly interact with.


  • Session One - What are social skills and how do they link to communication
  • Session Two - Feedback and reflection on “What’s My Communication Style” assessment
  • Session Three - Interacting with other communication styles
  • Session Four - Flexing your communication style
  • Session Five - Social intelligence’s link to emotional intelligence.
Note: The sessions are not recorded.
If you are unable to attend a session, transfers to individual future dates are not possible.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Identify their own social skill strengths, as well as areas for improvement
  • Plan and practice social skills discussed during the course
  • Work to continue to improve their social and communication skills with the people they regularly interact with.
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This course is designed to help you bust your fears around being on camera. You’ll learn how to live and breathe your brand message, deliver content in a natural way and engage with new audiences through video.

Clear, authentic self-expression and active listening are key ingredients of this course. Embrace the power of assertive communication as a woman, become confident and communicate effectively with people at all levels in your organisation.

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