The Science Of People and Deceptive Behaviour

Gain an in-depth understanding of the science behind human behaviours, helping you to get to the truth of critical matters.


1 day



In work and business when the stakes are high, it is critical to be able to get to the truth and assess the reliability of information from management, business partners, colleagues, clients and other stakeholders.

This training course takes you on a journey of scientific exploration to learn how to peel back human behaviour with greater accuracy by recognising and decoding emotions, facial expressions, body language and deceit with more accuracy, and how to harness this knowledge to minimise risk and achieve better outcomes.

Your Expert Facilitator – Sharon Box

Sharon is a behavioural investigator and communications expert with over 27 years' experience. Having received training in the latest cutting edge, behavioural science internationally in Singapore and the United Kingdom, she specialises in nonverbal communication, deception detection, evaluating truth and credibility and emotional intelligence. Her mission is to empower people with the skills to communicate with impact, trust and credibility.

Who will benefit

C-suite executives, business leaders, managers, business owners and other busy professionals who have a need to get to the truth and reliability of information from the people they interact and do business with.

This course is suited for those who want to be further empowered by taking their emotional intelligence and ability to detect misleading and deceptive behaviour up a notch for more improved communication and to gain a competitive advantage.

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