Let’s Talk Commercialisation (LTC) events are a public open forum developed by the Commercialisation Studies Centre (CSC) Ltd to disseminate best-practice knowledge and research, into commercialisation.


Commercialisation is a poorly understood area of business activity, and is both ill-defined, and not well researched in comparison to many other areas of business. There is a need to better inform the public of the nature of commercialisation, and these events provide an accessible and engaging forum through which this problem can be addressed.


Please join us for a stimulating, informative event, the opportunity to network and share ideas with those who also seek to increase their knowledge about best practice in the challenging world of commercialisation.

The events comprise a panel of industry, academic, and other relevant stakeholders in the national innovation system (e.g. government). Each event focuses on a topic related to commercialisation and commences with a presentation of state-of-art research findings from an academic panellist. This is followed by a facilitated panel discussion drawing on the expertise and experience of the panellists. Interactive question and answer sessions and networking opportunities form a key part of the event.

Event 1:   University-Industry Collaboration for Commercialisation - 27 April 2022

Event 2:   The Role of Venture Capital in Commercialisation - 27 July 2022

Event 3:   Commercialisation by Innovative Small Firms - 26 October 2022

Program Objectives

  • Inform and educate about the commercialisation process
  • Provide a pathway for further learning
  • Provide networking opportunities for the participants who attend
  • Stimulate discussion and knowledge exchange between participants around the topic of commercialisation.
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