The return-on-investment of social media is that your business will exist in 5 years.


Social media has a role to play in every organisation, in every industry. It enables engagement with a range of stakeholders not possible on any other marketing channel. It also enables access to market information not possible on any other marketing channel.  It is about far more than just the technology, though, and that is what this program will cover.

This program will cut through the hype around social media at a tactical level, and shed light on the strategic issues in social media marketing. Social media is not about Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. It is about a paradigm shift in marketing and business generally that requires significant strategic change.

Who Will Benefit

This program is aimed at leaders and strategic decision makers in organisations,and complements an existing understanding of marketing principles. It is also suitable for MBA students.



  • Digital transformation
  • Organisational transformation
  • Drivers of change
  • Hubspot inbound marketing


  • Fundamentals of social media marketing
  • Managing social media marketing
  • Integrated digital marketing
  • Customer and stakeholder engagement


  • Defining and establishing a social media presence
  • Conveying and promoting messages on social media
  • Content marketing
  • Connecting and converting stakeholders on social media


  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media KPIs
  • Social CRM
  • Evaluation and return on investment (ROI).

The program will be full of examples of best practice, case studies, and will include two industry site visits. it will also assist you in setting up your own personal brand on social media.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this program participants should be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills around social media in marketing and the organisation
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills around the theory underpinning social media
  • Understand how to develop an organisational culture appropriate for modern marketing
  • Understand how to develop a marketing strategy facilitative of customer engagement
  • Evaluate and analyse the metrics that indicate a return on investment from social media.

Alignment with UWA's MBA Flexible Program

This course aligns with UWA’s flexible MBA program, with an optional assessable component in this course. Participants who qualify to access this articulation pathway, and successfully complete the course and pass the assessments, will receive credit (to the value of one optional unit) towards their UWA MBA Flexible degree.

Special rate for UWA MBA Flexible students: $4400 GST inclusive.

About the presenter

Dr Paul Harrigan
Paul researches, teaches and consults on social media marketing. He has published his research in over 30 international journals and books, and presented it at over 30 international conferences.  He has assisted many organisations with their social media marketing.  He has a PhD from the University of Ulster in the UK, has worked at the University of Southampton and is a visiting professor at IESEG School of Management in France. He is in the top 100 marketing professors on Twitter!

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