Professor Tim Mazzarol
Tim is a Professor at UWA where he specialises in entrepreneurship, innovation, small business management, marketing and strategy. He is a Director of the Co-operative Enterprise Research Unit (CERU), and Centre for Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation (CEMI).

Tim has over 30 years of experience in the design, development and delivery of executive programs and strategic planning workshops for large and small organisations including many not-for-profit enterprises, government agencies, universities and colleges.

Event Overview

This series of virtual interactive workshops, delivered by world-class UWA faculty will give senior leaders certainty and a path forward from the current disruption. It will focus on the key business imperatives of Leadership, Finance, Strategy, and Innovation and will provide cutting edge insights into how to lead effectively from these four critical pillars.

Professor Tim Mazzarol will discuss Innovation and growth.


Innovation has become a buzz word today, spruiked by politicians, managers, academics and the media to encompass a wide range of often unrelated issues. The need to become more innovative, whether as a person, an organisation or a country, is often presented as an essential requirement to success or even survival. However, the majority of the hype that is touted about innovation is misleading and confusing. In this session, Professor Tim Mazzarol explains what innovation is and what it isn’t. He also discusses the nature of innovation from the national, organisational and individual level, with reference to his recently published book, “Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Theory, Practice and Context”.

Key Topics:

  • Defining innovation – types and contexts
  • National Innovation Systems
  • Strategies to encourage innovation
  • Innovation in small and large firms and government organisations
  • How innovation is adopted and diffused within markets
  • Managing risk in innovation.​

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    90 minutes