Dr Shane Lavagna-Slater
Shane’s professional experience includes academic positions in higher education, business development in financial services, and senior level consulting. Shane has an internationally proven track record as a financial services expert in a leadership capacity, driving new products and market channels.

Shane’s research interests include sustainability within unsecured lending at the bottom of the financial pyramid. Shane’s academic and professional experience within banking provides opportunities to marry these interests when delivering educational interventions as a faculty member at UWA.

Event Overview

This series of virtual interactive workshops, delivered by world-class UWA faculty will give senior leaders certainty and a path forward from the current disruption. It will focus on the key business imperatives of Leadership, Finance, Strategy, and Innovation and will provide cutting edge insights into how to lead effectively from these four critical pillars.

Dr Shane Lavagna-Slater will discuss Recent and Future Financial Trends.


Understanding the financial eco system and how businesses will be impacted in the near future has never been more important. Senior leaders must be in a position to be able to plan, communicate financial information, and lead from an informed financial position in order to alleviate unnecessary uncertainty and provide direction for their organisations.

Key Topics:

  • Why have share prices plummeted so fast?
  • Panic buying toilet paper versus panic selling shares
  • GFC vs GVC (Global Financial Crisis versus the Global Virus Crisis)
  • Governments to the rescue? Maybe now but what about the future…
  • Liquidity problems of superfunds and its share market impact
  • Potential lessons and paths forward.

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    90 minutes