This holistic strategy and business exercise reviews, reinvents and redeploys each facet of the business in order to make it as presentable and compelling as possible – and raise its prospects of successfully securing capital.


This holistic strategy and business exercise reviews, reinvents and redeploys each facet of the business in order to make it as presentable and compelling as possible – and raise its prospects of successfully securing capital.

Who Will Benefit

Entrepreneurs involved with start-ups seeking funds or seasoned executives running small or medium businesses looking to expand. Capital raising is a critical milestone for any developing business. Yet leaders are rarely exposed to the inner workings of running a successful capital raising campaign with very few executives having been involved in all facets of such a complex exercise. This workshop plugs this gap and provides all the skills required to maximise the potential of successfully raising capital.


In the process of making the complex simple and the simple compelling, every dimension of the business is discussed and evaluated from the strategy to the roadmap, from the team to the technology, and from optimising its networking and negotiation positions. The workshop is structured to ensure participants are coached to speak a language that resonates with potential investors – from better understanding the explicit and non-explicit objectives of venture capital or private equity funds (just to name some profiles of potential investors) to the narratives associated with a successful business model and the de-risking of milestones. It greatly maximises the potential for successful business development and capital raising campaigns.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and navigate the key elements of the ‘Capital Cycle’ – using a global, strategic and practical approach encompassing many aspects of the process that extend far beyond the much narrower silos of Venture Capital and/or Private Equity
  • Manage the early stages of a new venture and articulate a vision that carries the venture forward, including distilling the story into an impactful teaser and a successful Investment Memorandum to create a simple and compelling message
  • Apply tools to derive an appropriate valuation for the business and equip participants with the skills necessary to successfully address the key investment concerns of potential investors
  • Understand the importance of breaking down the development process into milestones to identify and de-risk the key steps of the value-creation journey. The important concept of ‘sequential valuation curve’ will be presented and discussed
  • Discuss the key elements of the due diligence process and the main features of a successful capital raising process at this critical stage
  • Create a framework to approach and successfully navigate the negotiation phase that invariably precedes any injection of new capital
  • Speak a language that resonates with potential investors and be seen as credible partners worthy of being backed financially.

About the Facilitator

Patrick Kedemos

Patrick Kedemos has extensive international capital raising experience acquired over 25 years with entities ranging from technology start-ups to ASX-listed companies and to Fortune 500 companies Air Liquide and Wesfarmers. Patrick started his career as the founder of a company providing marketing research. He later joined Air Liquide, the world leader for industrial gases, where he gained a wealth of experience operating across various geographies and industries. These included roles as General Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, Strategy Manager and Financial Controller. Patrick was then the Managing Director of AnaeCo, a publicly-listed technology company as well as the Honorary Consul for France in Western Australia.

Patrick is currently the Managing Director of Avanguard Capital and has extensive international experience in assisting companies raise capital. He sits on a number of boards and teaches Financial Modelling to the Masters of Applied Finance at UWA.

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