Western Australia's most enduring and respected development program for technical professionals and corporate executives. The Perth based Executive Development Course (EDCO) is essential for building management and leadership capability, particularly for executives moving into a general management role. The EDCO has been an essential component of the career progression for thousands of executives over the past 40 years, and is regarded by many as the best leadership development program in the market.


We are living in changing times and never before has it been more important for you, as managers, to take time out of your busy routines to stop, reflect on your leadership approach and learn new ways to achieve results.

This premium and innovative program covers all bases of executive training, and is designed for those whose career is advancing to a general management level. The approach and facilitation style of the program is designed to create the ideal learning environment for exploring the topics that matter to managers in those roles.

Program topics and content has been selected and interwoven through the program in such a way as to encourage you to think beyond the day to day obligations of your role. At the same time, there is an expectation that you will be focused on how you can turn ideas into strategy to make positive improvements back in your organisation.

Who Will Benefit

The Executive Development Course (EDCO) has attracted participants from a wide variety of sectors and industries for well over 40 years, including mining, Government, construction, information technology (IT) and many more. It is ideal for existing managers wanting to enhance their skills and refresh their understanding of contemporary management. It is equally suited to those from a technical or discipline background who are transitioning to a general management level.


  • Identify and apply strategic thinking and direction
  • Learn how to lead organisational change
  • Understand the importance of ethics and values
  • Build your leadership decision toolkit
  • Develop business acumen
  • Discover ways to create and inspire an innovation culture
  • Learn how to influence those you lead through effective storytelling.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Identify the steps required to develop and implement a strategic plan
  • Initiate and manage change in an organisation
  • More clearly define the role of management and leadership
  • Apply ethical decision making processes
  • Understand finances as they apply to managerial decision making
  • Manage resources and associated risks to ensure successful outcomes
  • Lead continuous improvement through innovation
  • Use effective storytelling as a way to positively influence others.

Learning Approaches:

A variety of learning approaches are used to reflect the diverse nature of the participants and the facilitator’s expert knowledge of adult learning principles, including:

  • Peer-to-peer plenary discussion – to leverage on the expertise of every participant in the room
  • Small group syndicate work – to get in-depth discussion on important topics
  • Organisational case studies – bringing the theory to life in the real world
  • Online blended learning resources – providing pre and post program resources to add greater value to the face-to-face experience
  • Professional Membership of AIM WA – for the following 12 months to extend the learning well beyond the final day
  • Application planning – turning talk into concrete actions when you return to work.

Qualification Pathway

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    Professional development at this level requires participants to understand complexity, to analyse, synthesise and interpret information, before applying the knowledge and expertise to their real world circumstances. But not everyone is able to commit to several years of study to achieve the formal Master of Business Administration qualification. They want to start their journey and begin the in-depth process of acquiring the traits of leaders they admire.

    The mini MBA course is not a degree, so you may be asking how a mini MBA will benefit you? Completing the mini MBA means you can take the next steps in enhancing your career progression, adding the mini MBA to your resume.

    The mini MBA program is run online and aimed to support you with your professional development plan and achieving your goals.

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