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Kate Chaney is the Independent Federal Member for Curtin in Western Australia.  She is WA’s first female Independent Federal Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives.   

During her first six months in office Kate has been instrumental in holding government to account across a broad range of issues and continues to deliver on her election commitments to climate action (Climate Change Bill), integrity (National Anti-Corruption Commission Bill) and inclusive communities.

Kate has spoken in Parliament on topics including gambling reform, abortion laws, the passing of the Climate Change Act, aged care reform, tax reform, campaign donation transparency, housing and the Industrial Relations Bill.

Kate sits on the Joint Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs, the House Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs and is the first lower house crossbencher to sit on the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters.

Kate was raised and educated in Curtin and has deep family connections with the electorate, attending John XXIII and later the University of Western Australia, where she gained a law degree.  Kate’s career in law, strategy, management and community services, has prepared her for what she hopes to achieve in Parliament. As a lawyer, Kate advised companies on mergers and commercial agreements and advised individuals at Redfern Legal Centre on credit and debt matters.

As a strategy consultant at Boston Consulting Group, Kate led projects relating to commercial problems in Sydney board rooms and social issues in remote communities in Cape York. In the private sector, Kate developed Reconciliation Action Plans and a sustainability strategy for Wesfarmers, one of Australia’s largest companies.

In the community services sector Kate managed strategy and innovation at Anglicare WA and worked in partnership with government on innovative service design.

Through these jobs, Kate learnt different approaches to solving complex problems and how to build consensus. She learnt about the deep disadvantages experienced by some and the challenges in building support systems to reduce those disadvantages.

Kate’s career so far has taught her that there is rarely a black and white answer, there is always room to improve a solution after consultation and there is no one right way of thinking.

Kate maintains an active presence in the Curtin community and her door her is always open to constituents.

Join us for breakfast at AIM WA in Floreat as Kate Chaney MP shares her story.

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