Event Overview

By understanding what a respectful workplace looks like, you can explore how best to instil this culture and behaviour in your own organisation.

Since each individual is likely to have a different understanding of what respectful behaviour may look like, leaders across all sectors must find out what respect means to those in their workplaces. Then lead the way in fostering those respectful workplace behaviours.

This Sundowner will be run as a facilitated Q&A session,  our expert panel will answer some of the following questions along with questions from the audience.

  • What is a respectful workplace?
  • What does that look like for you/ your team/ your organisation?
  • How do you create a respectful workplace?
  • How do you help your people to find the courage to have respectful workplace conversations?
  • How do you create a psychologically safe workplace, and why is it more important now more than ever?

The Panel:

  • Professor Gary Martin FAIM, Chief Executive Officer, AIM WA
  • Linda O’Farrell FAIM, Director Fortescue People, Fortescue Metals Group
  • Maree Wrack, Chief Executive Officer, UpShift Solutions
  • Gemma Nugent FAIM, Principal Lawyer, SoundLegal

Moderated by: Dr Shaun Ridley FAIM, Chief Operating Officer, AIM WA

Be part of this important conversation.

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    2 hours


    AIM WA - Leadership Centre
    76 Birkdale Street
    FLOREAT  WA  6014