Amy Jacobson
Emotional Intelligence & Human Behaviour Expert

Amy Jacobson is an experienced Emotional Intelligence specialist, passionate speaker, inspirational leadership trainer and highly sought after Coach. She works with businesses and career minded people to achieve outstanding results, ignite passion, develop strengths and use Emotional Intelligence to create a clear career path to high performance and success. Amy has a burning passion and drive to see people reach their full potential, embrace their strengths and find their ‘y’. Whether it’s running a business, creating inspiring leaders and mentors or working one on one, everyone needs a ‘y’.

Event Overview

Amy is excited to share her new book with you, Emotional Intelligence- A simple and actionable guide to increasing performance, engagement and ownership.

This book simplifies Emotional Intelligence and provides actionable tools to apply it to your own life and work situations.

Join us at our Sundowner and learn to:

  • Identify the 5-part methodology of EI and how to measure and increase our EI
  • Leverage the subconscious mind to resolve the underlying problem and owning our mindsets
  • Understand the emotional brain and how it drives our reactions.

Amy's mission is to break down misconceptions around EI and help as many people as possible to increase their emotional intelligence.

With over 19 years experience of more than doubling engagement and market brand scores. Whether the focus is on corporate workshops, keynote speaking or 1:1 coaching, both her passion and her determination to help people to grow and Find their 'y' is unparalleled. 

All attendees will receive a copy of Emotional Intelligence – A simple and actionable guide to increasing performance, engagement and ownership, the latest Wiley book from Amy Jacobson.

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    2 hours


    AIM WA Leadership Centre
    76 Birkdale Street, Floreat