Shil Shanghavi AFAIM
Founder Chatterbox Public Speaking

Shil is a Public Speaking specialist, keynote speaker and a sought-after speaker coach.

Renowned for teaching intuitive speaking skills, Shil's methods show individuals how to succeed in business and life by understanding the hidden dynamics of presenting so you can speak with clarity and engage audiences.

Shil has also introduced the concept of public speaking in virtual reality which is unique to Perth, and rare to the world. It's just one of the groundbreaking tools Shil uses to show you how to become a better presenter.

Shil is a speaker coach for TEDxPerth, Board member for Guerrilla Establishment, a presentation mentor with Impact100 WA and a Public Speaking industry expert for WA Leaders.

Event Overview

THE JOURNEY TO ONE PERCENT - How Public Speaking Can Elevate You To The Top Of Your Game

In this motivating talk, Shil Shanghavi will share his story of how he transformed his fear of public speaking to running Chatterbox - his own public speaking practice.

Through his own failures and missed opportunities, Shil will discuss what he learnt about why public speaking is an essential skill for building your career.

By embracing fear, learn how Shil turned his Kryptonite into a superpower and how anybody can harness their fear of public speaking.

The ability to engage a room and confidently present is one of the most important skills for any professional. Some of the take-aways from this presentation include:

  • Observing how Shil combines stories for best effect
  • Understanding how you can build multiple presentations out of one talk
  • Crafting an "elevator pitch" from your presentation
  • Learning how to set expectations and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

This session will include LOTS of opportunity for questions and discussion!

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    AIM WA Leadership Centre
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