Sharon Box
Founder, Owner and Lead Behavioural Investigator for the Mind Hush Group.

A communications expert and experienced marketing strategist, Sharon has had international training in behavioural science with a focus on deception detection, evaluating truth and credibility and emotional intelligence.

Event Overview

Hear how to peel back human behaviour by recognising emotions and deceit with more accuracy using behavioural science and harness this knowledge to achieve better outcomes.

In our work and in business when the stakes are high, it is critical to be able to get to the truth and reliability of information from management, colleagues, clients and other stakeholders. This transformative Sundowner event takes you on a journey of exploration steeped in science in how to observe people and situations in a whole new light, have the skills to communicate with more authority by navigating the challenging emotional landscape of today, and how to extract more data and information with the various people you interact with.

Learn the following advanced behavioural skills from Sharon Box, a Behavioural Analyst and Investigator:

  • The seven universal emotions, what triggers them and how to spot them in others
  • How to identify facial micro expressions and facial deceit
  • Choosing your body language to increase your likeability to build trust and rapport
  • Advancing your emotional intelligence and using neuroscience to assist with decision-making, improving performance and achieving better results.
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    2 hours


    AIM WA - Leadership Centre
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