Simon Cohen
Founder, Cohesis

Simon Cohen, has for over 20 years, successfully delivered complex IT projects for leading global organisations and has managed teams spanning the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.

With hands-on experience in delivering mission-critical systems, scaling teams and managing IT risks, Simon is passionate in bringing this ‘Big Company’ experience to help SME’s and Local Governments make the ‘right’ IT decisions - especially in areas such as IT Strategy, Risk Management and Cyber Security.

Simon has also been a guest speaker on multiple occasions for the Local Government Professionals Australia WA.

Event Overview

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the global economy to suffer a seismic shock. Federal and State Governments have responded by borrowing unprecedented amounts of money to support businesses and employees. Despite this, many businesses will close permanently inflicting severe damage to the economy.

For some businesses, this current crisis offers an opportunity to reflect on its ‘raison d’ être’ and to find alternative ways to serve new and existing customers.

Depending on the organisation and industry, the changes may be small or extensive. For many, the responses to date - have understandably - been reactionary but as time passes attention is shifting to focus on how businesses can survive - and thrive - in the post crisis economy.

This session will provide real examples of the choices and decisions made by a variety of business owners and to use these as learning points for other businesses.

Learn the proactive steps and strategies businesses are implementing to prepare themselves for life beyond the crisis. The key takeaways from this session will explore ways businesses are:

  • Exploring new ways to serve existing clients and attract new ones;
  • Streamlining internal operations;
  • Implementing collaboration technologies;
  • Maintaining effective collaboration;
  • Supporting staff;
  • Deepening and extending customer relationships.

This is a virtual event.

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