Jennifer Jefferies

Jennifer Jefferies is one of Australia’s most respected authors and speakers in the area of health and wellbeing, working closely with some of the world’s most well-known brands to restore work life balance.

Jennifer put her specialty into how “day to day” life stressors impact our physical health. Showing up with symptoms like low energy, poor sleep, low moods, weight gain, aches and pains and hormone issues etc. So many of our day to day “ails” are lifestyle stress related.

Turning away from her pharmaceutical management career Jennifer became a passionate naturopath, and for more than 25 years has helped countless individuals improve their lives so they can live their dreams, enjoy life and give back.

Subscribing to the philosophy that wealth and success mean nothing without your health, Jennifer authored the "7 Steps to Sanity" and thirteen other health-related titles, sharing practical real-life strategies to help teams and individuals improve their health, wellbeing and productivity by finding balance in their lives.

Known for her fun, humorous, no-nonsense approach to healthy living, and her proven ability to motivate others to make positive changes to their lives both inside and outside the workplace, Jennifer is a highly sought after presenter, speaking to corporations in more than a dozen countries including Australia, USA, New Zealand and South-East Asia.


Event Overview

It Starts Today!

Imagine having more passion and excitement across your health and life, so that you can feel like you are really living, instead of Groundhog Day existing.

In this virtual event, naturopath Jennifer Jefferies will share practical and grounded systems that you can integrate into everyday life without overwhelm.


To achieve great health today and in the future as you live from a place of prevention.

Who should attend this virtual session?

ONLY those who want to learn how to improve their  energy, sleep, mental health, weight and productivity AND deal with the COVID stress fall out. Jennifer is a bottom line, no BS, realistic naturopath who is focused on getting results.

This is a complimentary virtual event for members and non-members. 

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