Our high quality computer training is designed to give confidence to everyone, from the novice to the experienced computer user. It helps your business become more productive by improving the efficiency of the people within your organisation.

With dates scheduled throughout the year our highly skilled and experienced consultants work with small classes. This ensures that every attendee receives personal attention and gains the required technical skills and knowledge.

Explore the range of programs listed below or call the Institute for help to choose the best program for your needs.


Our Access suite of programs will help you develop essential skills such as understanding database theory and design as well as creation of action queries, graphs, forms and managing reporting. These programs ensure you use Microsoft Access to its full potential.

Access - Advanced Queries

This program covers the more advanced features of select queries and introduces action queries in Microsoft Access.

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Our Adobe suite of programs offers training in both Photoshop and InDesign, as well as the newest version of Adobe Acrobat. Enrol on one of these fabulous programs and learn the introductory techniques of digital imaging, page layout or manipulation of PDF files.

Acrobat - Create and Edit PDF Files

Adobe Acrobat can create PDF files from documents produced in other software programs while preserving the original document layout and content. Learn how to convert files from Microsoft Word, Excel and other programs and how to protect PDF files with a password. Find out how to extract, delete or move pages in PDF files.

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Acrobat - Work With Forms and Multimedia

This program introduces the more advanced features of Adobe Acrobat and shows you how to create forms, work with groups of PDF files and add multimedia elements to PDF files.

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Understanding the fundamental concepts and terminology and learning the basic features is essential when starting out in Adobe InDesign CS6. Learn how to create documents, place text or graphics and how to create custom colour swatches. During this program you will format text, work with layers, print documents and package documents for commercial printing.

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As a first introduction to Photoshop this program shows you how to customise Photoshop and how to create professional looking images. It explains various uses of images and the difference between raster and vector graphics. You will modify images, switch image modes and adjust colour and contrast attributes. If you are new to Photoshop or have little experience with Photoshop, this program is for you.

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Excel is the world’s leading spreadsheet tool that lets you store and analyse data more intelligently. Ensure you become a proficient user of this powerful tool and choose from programs on introducing worksheet design and formulas through to working with macros, multiple spreadsheets, pivot tables, manipulating data and data analysis features.

Excel - Advanced

This program shows you how to work with databases in Microsoft Excel (using filtering, sorting and subtotals). It introduces PivotTables, macros and Hyperlinks and teaches logical, lookup, reference and statistical functions. If you are experienced in designing and modifying spreadsheets, can write formulas and have worked with IF and VLOOKUP functions, this is for you.

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Excel - Advanced Functions

This program concentrates on Excel’s advanced functions that will allow you to work more efficiently with business data.

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Excel - Advanced Macros with VBA Programming

This program is for high-end users who want to make the most of the power of Microsoft Excel. It introduces programming techniques and concepts such as variables, scoping, importing data, passing values and debug techniques. If you have experience with the macro recorder and introductory programming, you will benefit from this program.

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Excel - Analysis Tools and Solver

This program outlines Microsoft Excel’s What-If Analysis tools which can be very useful for business planning and modelling techniques. They are used to look at a range of plausible outcomes and determine what input values are needed to achieve those outcomes.

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Excel - Array Formulas and More Functions

This program focuses on Microsoft Excel’s array formulas; extremely powerful formulas that can perform complex calculations on one or more series of data values. They are very useful in decision and financial modelling.

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Excel - Essentials

Do you need to create or modify spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel? In this program you will learn how to add data, edit and move data and how to format and print spreadsheets. You will create charts and use formulas and functions for simple calculations. If you use computers but are new to Excel or don't have much experience with Excel, then this program is for you.

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Excel - Formulas and Functions

This program focuses on expanding your knowledge of Microsoft Excel’s functions and understanding how to write well-structured formulas.

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Excel - Intermediate

If you have used Microsoft Excel for some time and need to learn more, this program provides you with additional skills. Learn how to identify ranges with names, use workbooks with multiple sheets, protect worksheets and files, link worksheets, audit files and create templates. Work with functions such as IF and VLOOKUP. To benefit from this program you should be a confident user of Excel.

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Excel - KPI Dashboards

If you need to quickly and accurately make sense of your Company's raw data, this is for you. We introduce you to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and dashboard design processes, and help you build an interactive KPI Dashboard. You will learn how to handle raw data, use functions to create performance metrics, and build mini charts, pivot tables and pivot charts typically used in dashboards.

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Excel - Macros with VBA Programming

This program will introduce and extend VBA programming within Microsoft Excel. Participants will be able to create and manage complicated macros.

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Excel - PivotCharts and PivotTables

This program concentrates on creating PivotTables and PivotCharts to present business data for analysis. It also focuses on how best to manage the underpinning business data using List Management techniques.

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Excel - Power Query

With Power Query, discover, connect to and import data into Microsoft Excel. Then, using PowerPivot, remodel and enhance the imported data by writing queries through Power Query M language.

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Excel - PowerPivot

This program focuses on the main features of Microsoft Excel PowerPivot; a very fast, space-saving, columnar add-on database that can handle vast amounts of data far beyond the limits of an Excel worksheet.

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Excel - Simple to Complex Charting

This program focuses on creating simple to complex charts to visually present business data.

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Excel - Worksheets and Workbooks

This program shows you how to create calculations across multiple worksheets and multiple workbooks.

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Microsoft - Power Bi Desktop

Transform your data into actionable insights through the use of dashboards and reports.

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Our popular Outlook programs provide instructions in how to effectively manage your email and diary management systems. These are ‘must-do’ programs for all Outlook users, and can be used as a powerful time-management tool.

Outlook - Time Management Techniques in Outlook

Finding out how to use Microsoft Outlook as a time management tool, so you can manage the flow of emails and keep track of time, is probably the best decision you'll ever make! If you have used Outlook for some time, but need to become more efficient when dealing with your messages, organising meetings and storing contact information, this program is for you.

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Powerpoint - Create Multimedia Presentations

Do you want to create presentations with a difference? Including movie clips and sound tracks is easier than you might think. They bring presentations to life and can make your message truly memorable. Learn all of this and find out how to avoid the most common PowerPoint mistakes by creating well-designed templates and by using the advanced features PowerPoint has to offer.

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Powerpoint - Create and Enhance Slides

Most people remember information best if they not only hear it, but also see it. That's why PowerPoint presentations need to support the message of a presentation effectively while at the same time, making it easy for presenters to deliver the message. If you have little experience with PowerPoint or are new to PowerPoint, this program will help you to create well designed PowerPoint slides.

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Microsoft Project is a valuable tool for managing single or multiple and large projects. Our programs enable a thorough understanding of this software and will equip you with skills such as organising resources, tracking tasks and keeping projects on time and within budget.

Project - Complex or Multiple Projects

Learn to work with multiple projects and to split tasks and share resources. In this program you will manage project schedules, format reports or project views and customise the Microsoft Project environment. If you are familiar with Project, but have problems applying it to your specific project needs or if you need to resolve project difficulties, you will benefit from this program.

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Project - Create, Resource and Track Projects

This program highlights the concepts of project management and introduces Microsoft Project’s key features of how to set up a schedule and a resource pool, how to assign resources to tasks and how to track a project.

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Project - Customise Projects

This program examines Microsoft Project’s ability to store custom data and to prepare the data for presentation to clients and other stakeholders using customised views and reports.

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Project - For Schedulers

A vast majority of projects that suffer cost and time overruns (overruns that are not due to external dependencies) do so because they lack professional scheduling. Professional scheduling means understanding the agreed scheduling method such as Critical Path Method (CPM), and efficiently using a scheduling tool to build the schedule model. It also means tracking the variance between planned versus actual performance and deriving suitable metrics.

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Project - Level Resources and Link Data

This program focuses on how to automatically resolve over-allocated resources. It also covers how to exchange data between Microsoft Project and other applications such as Excel and Word.

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Project - Tracking, EVM and Visual Reports

Planning is fundamental to the success of your project. It’s vital the execution of the plan is tracked, monitored and controlled. Microsoft Project allows you to take a snapshot of the project plan, to capture actual performance and to compare actuals against the baseline. From this you can analyse the progress and status of your project and forecast the project performance using a technique called Earned Value Management (EVM). This program teaches participants how to use these advanced tracking techniques.

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Visio Essentials will teach you the flowchart and diagram essentials needed to master this popular and widely used illustration software tool. This comprehensive program covers essential skills from understanding the screen layout, familiarisation with the drawing tools, creating ‘drill-down’ and multiple page illustrations right through to creating illustrations with stencils. Visio Advanced is also available, however only as a custom option. Please contact our Client Services Department for further information.

Visio - Flowchart and Diagram Essentials

Creating clear diagrams and illustrations is easy with Microsoft Visio. This program shows how to use Visio's drawing tools and stencils to create simple flowcharts, organisation charts, network diagrams and floor plans. It explains how to manipulate drawings and how to add text or hyperlinks. If you have some computing skills but have little or no experience with Visio, this program is right for you.

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Microsoft Word sets the bar in providing the recognised standard in word processing for creating professional documents. These programs are designed for every level of user and provide skills in formatting, templates, macros and advanced document design.

Word - Create Simple Documents

Using Microsoft Word efficiently will help you create good looking documents quickly. This program develops essential Word skills needed to create, edit, format and print documents and explores many of the most important features of the program. If you have some computing skills, but have little experience with Word or are new to Word, this program is right for you.

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Word - Display Techniques and Mail Merge

This program introduces tables and text columns and shows how to insert images or create simple diagrams. You will learn how to copy text or graphics from other programs and how to send personalised letters and emails to a large group of people using mail merge. If you have used Word for some time and need to use these features, this program is for you.

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Word - Formatting Techniques

Give your documents a more professional look by applying correct and clear formatting. This program introduces the necessary formatting features and teaches you trouble-shooting skills to apply when formatting goes wrong. Learn to work with section breaks and how to add headers and footers to multi-page documents. If you have used Word for some time and struggle with formatting skills, this program is ideal.

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Word - Professional Document Design

Well-designed documents represent and showcase your organisation and can have a great impact. This program introduces you to important design ideas and principles and shows you techniques for effective document design using text, graphics and other visual elements. During the program participants will use Microsoft Word, but you can apply the design concepts you will learn to documents created in any software program.

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Word - Templates, Forms and Macros

This program is all about time-savers in Microsoft Word. It shows how to automate standard documents and how to create your own shortcuts for frequently used tasks which you then can add to your toolbar or ribbon. Learn how to work with Autotext or Quick Parts and how to use Macros and Fields. This program is for you, if you are a confident Word user.

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Word - Work with Long Documents

Working with long documents in Microsoft Word can be a challenge. We will show you how to format documents quickly and consistently, how to add numbered headings, create a table of contents, an index, table or figure captions and cross-references. Learn how to avoid formatting problems when copying text between different documents. To benefit from this program, you should have a sound knowledge of Word.

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Power BI Desktop

This program introduces the visualisation layer of Microsoft’s Power BI Desktop called Dashboards. This report creation feature provides the means of creating reports that provide dynamic perspectives and insight into your data.

Microsoft - Power BI Desktop (2020)

This program introduces the visualisation layer of Microsoft’s Power BI Desktop called Dashboards. This report creation feature provides the means of creating reports that provide dynamic perspectives and insight into your data.

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Alternatively, you may wish to hire one of our computer rooms for your company specific training. Our rooms are available to hire on a daily or weekly basis. With a choice of 4 rooms, additional IT support if required and professional catering – AIM WA is the perfect choice for your computer training.

To find out more - visit Computer Room Hire.

In addition to our suite of Open Programs we can provide a wide range of services: 

    • In-house and customised training options
    • Access database development 
    • Template design and consulting for Microsoft Word
    • One-on-one coaching sessions 
    • Microsoft Office upgrade sessions 
    • Assessment of computer training needs
    • Computer room hire.
For information on any of these services please contact our Client Services team on (08) 9383 8000.