Dr David Blyth
David works with Boards, executives and senior leaders on business and organisational strategies. He also mentors and coaches senior leaders.
Professor Tim Mazzarol
Tim is a Professor at UWA where he specialises in entrepreneurship, innovation, small business management, marketing and strategy.

Event Overview

Now is the time to get your business ready to operate in a post COVID-19 era.

This series of virtual interactive workshops, delivered by world-class UWA faculty will give senior leaders certainty and a path forward from the current disruption. It will focus on the key business imperatives of Leadership, Finance, Strategy, and Innovation and will provide cutting edge insights into how to lead effectively from these four critical pillars.

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There are only two virtual workshops left to book in this series:

Dr David Blyth 
Workshop Topic: Strategy Under Uncertainty - 16 July
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Content: Under conditions of uncertainty, the quality of strategic thinking matters more than ever. Future success demands leaders willing to lean into the uncertainty. This is a session that will give you some tools to frame the uncertainty, build a robustness that moves beyond today’s tactical drivers, and positions your organisation for the period After Covid (AC).

Key Topics:

  • What is strategic thinking?
  • How do we assess the uncertainties?
  • Why you need a portfolio of options?
  • Are we in for a new normal? Or a return to normal?
  • How will your post AC business model evolve?

Professor Tim Mazzarol
Workshop Topic: Innovation and Growth - 23 July
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Content: Innovation has become a buzz word today, spruiked by politicians, managers, academics and the media to encompass a wide range of often unrelated issues. The need to become more innovative, whether as a person, an organisation or a country, is often presented as an essential requirement to success or even survival. However, the majority of the hype that is touted about innovation is misleading and confusing. In this session, Professor Tim Mazzarol explains what innovation is and what it isn’t. He also discusses the nature of innovation from the national, organisational and individual level, with reference to his recently published book, “Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Theory, Practice and Context”.

Key Topics:

  • Defining innovation – types and contexts
  • National Innovation Systems
  • Strategies to encourage innovation
  • Innovation in small and large firms and government organisations
  • How innovation is adopted and diffused within markets
  • Managing risk in innovation.

Who Will Benefit

This virtual series will benefit senior leaders from organisations of all types who are interested in being in a position to move forward quickly and decisively out of the current disruption.
Any senior leader with a role that includes; leading others, strategy, finance or budgeting, or innovation will find this series of great interest and benefit.

Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding of VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) as the new normal and what it means for you as a leader
  • Frameworks for optimal leadership in complex environments
  • Practical tools and practices that will assist you to not only survive but to take advantage of opportunities that may emerge from the current disruption
  • An understanding of the financial factors that must be taken into consideration in times of great uncertainty
  • The financial lessons we can learn from previous scenarios
  • Strategic imperatives to help prepare for future shocks
  • Assessing and planning for uncertainty
  • Best practice approaches to innovation to create flexible and responsive organisations
  • Guidelines to manage risk in innovation.

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90 minute session per week for 5 weeks