Customers get distressed and emotional for a variety of reasons but how you respond can make a difference to how that customer feels. This three hour workshop will assist you on how to handle distressed and emotional customers and how to handle those conversations sensitively.


This workshop is designed for those who would like to enhance their skills in responding to customers who present in a state of crisis or distress. It provides a clear model to guide the conversation to the mutual outcome of the caller and the organisation and includes specific skills with opportunity to practice.

Who Will Benefit

People with roles that require contact with customers or clients, including call centre staff, customer service officers, receptionists and supervisors who handle resolutions and escalations.

Program Content

  • Basic counselling skills related to crisis intervention
  • Knowledge and ability to refer people to appropriate services
  • Guidance on how to practise active listening skills
  • A clear process to handle a challenging conversation
  • Specific skills to assist difficult or distressed callers or colleagues
  • Skills to identify callers who are at risk of suicide
  • How to end a difficult call sensitively
  • Self-care strategies for both during and after difficult calls.
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3 Hours


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