It can be difficult to know how to respond constructively when faced with people who display challenging, abusive or aggressive behaviour. This three hour workshop will help to explore the reason behind the challenging behaviour and in doing so, provide the skills to deal with it in an objective way.


This workshop aims to help participants explore possible responses to clients or customers that display challenging, abusive or aggressive behaviour.

The participants will learn a three-tier framework and hierarchy of controls that can minimise harm, damage and litigation. Gain a deeper understanding of what lies beneath challenging behaviours and learn to use objective, measured approaches and assertive communication to increase safety of customers and staff.

Who Will Benefit

Anyone exposed to challenging or volatile behaviours in the workplace from front-of-house staff, support workers and supervisors across a range of industries and community services.

Program Content

  • An understanding of how to identify stressors and positive alternatives
  • A clear model for reading the signs of distress or aggression, the level of risk and appropriate response
  • Matching targeted responses to specific challenging behaviours
  • An understanding of crisis communication, responses to manipulative behaviour and calm, assertive body language
  • An understanding of the principles of evasion, deflection and escape from attacks
  • Dealing with emotional issues in an objective manner.
Program Number

3 Hours


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