WHS incidents can range from minor non-compliance to catastrophic injury or death. It is therefore essential that organisations adopt a systematic approach to investigation of incidents and introduce measures to minimise or respond appropriately to future incidents.


Despite ongoing injuries and deaths in the workplace, organisations often fail to prevent such tragedies from happening aqain. Systematic processes to learn from such events are the focus of this program. Participants will walk through the process from start to finish in a way that is easily replicated in their workplace.

Who Will Benefit

Anyone currently involved in accident/incident investigation or who is likely to be called upon to undertake this task in the future. Participants need not have had previous investigation or WHS experience.

Program Content

  • What constitutes an accident or incident?
  • Creating a learning culture
  • Gaining quick access to key issues
  • Investigation and interviewing techniques
  • Sifting important issues from details
  • Injury and damage assessment
  • Developing recommendations
  • Reporting and communicating learnings.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Investigate an accident or incident effectively
  • Use a range of techniques to interview key staff involved
  • Diagnose the key issues and recommend alternative approaches
  • Report the outcomes of the investigation in a meaningful way.

Program can link to:

This program can link to BSB51319 Diploma of Work Health and Safety

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2 Days


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