Most people agree that diversity is a good thing for a workplace. However, few recognise that it can be more demanding to manage such a group of people and to realise the full benefits from diverse thinking and perspectives. Increase your toolkit of leadership skills for thriving on diversity through attendance on this program.


This program centres around the fact that we now work in the most diverse workplaces in our history. The emerging leaders of today need the ability to identify, analyse and engage with people from a variety of backgrounds so they can maximise the benefits of such diversity and achieve the outcomes required in their teams.

Who Will Benefit

This program is relevant to managers, supervisors and team leaders who are required to engage with a diverse workforce to gain their support and joint commitment to identify goals and tasks in the workplace.

Program Content

  • The principles of diversity and how they impact on work practices
  • Evaluating your current practice against best practice guidelines
  • Factors that influence communication between diverse groups
  • Recognising and creating solutions to overcome diversity issues
  • Accessing appropriate resources to improve diverse relationships at work
  • Exploring your own identity in relation to diversity.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Identify the importance of diversity in their day-to-day role
  • Align the legal, moral and ethical aspects of diversity to their team practices and policies
  • Develop a strategy to ensure diversity becomes a positive influence in achieving desired outcomes
  • Identify their own role in enhancing their organisation’s diversity.


Additional fee applies for assessment (1 unit of competency):
$210 Non Member
$175 Corporate / Professional Member 

Relationship to Competency Standards

BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

BSBLDR404 Lead a diverse workforce

BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management

BSBLDR504 Implement diversity in the workplace

Please click on the qualification link above for Qualification information and total fees.

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