Developing an Eye for Acuraccy... Did you spot the error? To enable you to get it right first time, every time, this program is proven to reduce errors by 50-60% by showing you how to read, check and transfer information accurately and quickly.


Clerical errors occur because of the way our eyes and brain interpret information; your brain sees what it expects to see, not what’s really there. These natural tendencies can be addressed.

For each employee, tens of thousands of dollars can be lost every year from the actual cost of errors, plus the additional costs of tracking down and fixing those errors.

This program enables you to read, check and transfer information accurately and quickly.

Who Will Benefit

This program is highly relevant to people who spend 25% or more of their working day reading, entering data, checking information, transferring data, processing orders and taking details over the telephone.

Program Content

  • Concentrate
  • Be consistent
  • Check your work
  • Work at optimum speed
  • Be aware of your personal error pattern
  • Be accountable
  • Don’t read data like you read words
  • Use clustering techniques
  • See and hear numbers as single digits
  • Never guess
  • Pre and post-program measurement.

Make no mistake: it pays to train your people to read, check and transfer information accurately.

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