Sourcing, building and retraining talent requires the implementation of a comprehensive talent development strategy. This program explores the essential elements required in most successful talent development plans.


Attracting, developing and retaining talent is a compelling source of competitive advantage, and creating a rigorous  talent development strategy is one of the key components in achieving this outcome. During this program, you will be challenged to define and articulate the unique elements of a talent development strategy that meets the needs of your organisation. Participants will also explore the process of engaging the rest of the organisation in this strategy to increase the likelihood it will be implemented.

Who Will Benefit

Human resource and organisation development professionals who have responsibility for ensuring their organisation has the pool of talent and skills to prosper in the years ahead.

Program Content

  • The business case for a talent development strategy
  • Aligning a talent development strategy with other HR strategies
  • Defining what 'talented' means in your organisation
  • Gaining the support of key stakeholders
  • Objectively identifying those with talent
  • Validating the selection over the long term
  • Building a development plan for the individuals
  • Implementing the development plan
  • Responding to those who don’t make the list
  • Monitoring and reviewing the plan.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • List the essential elements of a talent development strategy
  • Build a case for a whole of organisation approach to developing talent
  • Add rigour to the process of identifying talent
  • Recommend a range of approaches to developing individuals
  • Successfully implement the plan.
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2 Days


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