Technical writers often carry the burden of explaining all aspects of a new technology, instructing the user and contributing to the company's marketing efforts. In this program you will learn how to write in a technical style that is both professional and user-friendly along with how to structure a manual for maximum impact to your target audience.


Many industries have a need for technical writers and editors. In this program you will learn through exercises and case studies how to write in a technical style that is both professional and user-friendly and how to structure a manual for maximum impact. The program shows you how to reach your target audience and how to present your documentation professionally.

Who Will Benefit

New or prospective technical writers or experienced writers interested in improving the quality of their documents. Also beneficial to software designers, programmers and product planners who need to create user and/or technical documents.

Program Content

  • Defining your audience and objectives
  • Gathering and organising information
  • Planning your documents
  • Structuring manuals and procedures
  • Outlining a document
  • Adding version control
  • Using correct grammar and punctuation
  • Balancing professional and user-friendly writing styles
  • Examining the role of graphics
  • Considering copyright and liability
  • Reviewing manuals and procedures.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Write faster and more efficiently
  • Recognise the appropriate style for different manuals
  • Target specific audiences
  • Collate appropriate information
  • Organise information logically
  • Structure a manual or procedural document
  • Add tables of contents and indices that ensure rapid access to information
  • Write, revise and edit material for maximum clarity
  • Correctly apply basic grammar and punctuation.
Note: Participants will receive a sample of a suggested layout for manuals/procedures in Microsoft Word format.
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