Technical writers often carry the burden of explaining all aspects of a new technology, instructing the user and contributing to the company's marketing efforts. In this program you will learn how to write in a technical style that is both professional and user-friendly along with how to structure a manual for maximum impact to your target audience.


An organisation’s policies, procedures and work instructions are a key factor in maintaining efficiency, consistency and clear communication. This program shows you how to prepare well-written documents, from planning to writing, editing and reviewing. It gives you the opportunity to develop an efficient ‘writing process’ for yourself or for your writing team, making writing high quality documents so much easier.

Who Will Benefit

New or experienced writers interested in improving the quality of their documents. Suitable for anyone who needs to write policies, procedures and work instructions. The needs of writers from different industries and organisations will be addressed.

Program Content

  • Adopt a professional approach to writing
  • Define your audience and objectives to collate appropriate information
  • Group and structure the content logically
  • Allow users quick access to information
  • Write professionally in an easy to read style
  • Edit and revise material for maximum clarity
  • Copyright and liability
  • Version control and document review cycles.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Write professionally in an appropriate style
  • Target specific audiences
  • Collate and structure information logically
  • Add tables of contents and indices that ensure users quick access to information
  • Write, revise and edit material for maximum clarity
  • Apply version control.
Note: Participants will receive a sample of a suggested layout for manuals/procedures in Microsoft Word format.
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2 Days


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