The science of how to influence others is growing by the day. Through this program you'll explore the subtle and not so subtle ways to influence and persuade others and then apply that learning to influencing situations in your workplace.


The April iteration will be delivered via Zoom. All future dates for this program will be delivered face to face.

Every day at work we are called on to respond to the demands of others, make requests, raise issues or initiate change. Each of these situations would benefit from having one or both parties skilled in the art of influencing and persuasion. Whether you are dealing with colleagues, direct reports, customers or stakeholders, this program will strengthen your knowledge around influencing and persuading others.

Who Will Benefit

Anyone who wants to enhance their ability to achieve positive outcomes from their daily interactions with work colleagues, direct reports, customers or other stakeholders.

Program Content

  • Why people change and why they don’t
  • Defining influence
  • How others influence you
  • The illusion of logic and the power of emotion
  • Tailoring your approach
  • When to push back
  • Conversation micro skills
  • Locking in compliance
  • Follow-up.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Describe what is influential and what is not
  • Plan an influencing opportunity
  • Demonstrate a set of micro communication skills
  • Achieve more positive outcomes from their future interactions.
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1 Day


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