You need to understand yourself as a leader before you can understand or lead others. This program draws on some of the most up-to-date research on leadership world-wide and focuses on the practical application of leadership skills and principles.


Understanding the dynamics and issues of leadership development benefits everyone who holds a leadership position in their organisation. This program draws on some of the most up-to-date research on leadership worldwide and focuses on the practical application of leadership principles.

Tomorrow’s leader must have a clear understanding of themselves before they can understand or lead others. This program is designed to help individuals strengthen their current level of self-awareness and create pathways for self-actualisation, realising that how they think, the perceptions they carry and the decisions they make are the result of personal paradigms. It will also enable individuals to create a leadership self-development plan for the future.

Participants will also have access to optional one-on-one coaching sessions with one of the program facilitators
(3 x 1 hour sessions).

This premium program uses a blended learning approach which includes face-to-face sessions, access to our online learning platform and 12 months Professional Membership of AIM WA. Learn more at

Who Will Benefit

The program is suitable for team leaders, managers and coordinators at all levels who are seeking to understand themselves as leaders, where they need to go in terms of leadership development, and in creating an action plan based on their learning.

Program Content

  • Personal leadership development
  • Personal leadership styles
  • Transactional vs transformational leadership practices – what’s your preference?
  • The leadership development 4 quadrants interface
  • Focused Leadership Personal Analysis Questionnaire
  • Analysis of your leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Leadership strategies
  • 5 principles of leadership in action
  • Visioning, both personal and organisational
  • Preparing for the future
  • Understanding the basis of your organisation’s culture
  • Aligning leadership development with organisational goals
  • Designing meaningful leadership development
  • Personal development assessment, action planning, follow-up and measurement. 

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as a leader
  • Define personal leadership and life goals through self-evaluation and dialogue
  • Develop key aspects of transformational leadership in practice
  • Clarify appropriate approaches, values and beliefs about their leadership style. 

Optional/Additional Coaching Package:




(3 x 1 hour sessions):

$900  Non Member
$800 Corporate / Professional Member
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