The Filling the Pool research conducted by the Committee for Perth outlines some important strategies that organisations can implement in order to build the pipeline for women to reach senior and influential roles in organisations. This program explores the opportunities and barriers to organisations implementing these recommendations.


The Committee for Perth Filling the Pool research identified specific actions that could be taken by Governments, organisations and women to increase the participation and rates of progression of female leaders in decision making and influencing roles to address the current imbalance. This program focuses on the actions that organisations can take.

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Who Will Benefit

This program is aimed at those people (male and female) who have the influence, capacity and desire to identify and implement change that supports the development and progression of women in their organisation. These may include senior executives, business unit heads, HR professionals and corporate services managers.

Program Content

  • Snapshot of the Committee for Perth Filling the Pool research outcomes
  • Implications for individual organisations
  • Specific focus on organisational initiatives from the research
  • Identifying systemic barriers to the implementation of changes
  • Identifying barriers created by other individuals
  • Designing and implementing strategies to address the barriers
  • Creating a senior executive coalition of support
  • Monitoring progress. 

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • List specific actions their organisation can take to support the participation and progression of women
  • Acknowledge and address the potential barriers to change
  • Articulate a strong case for change, particularly to senior executives
  • Produce a plan of action for their organisation. 
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