Explore the nature of ethical decisions in the workplace and learn how to apply a framework that will build competence and confidence in making these important ethical decisions at work.


Every employee in every organisation believes they operate with integrity and from a strong values base. Despite this belief, countless examples arise every year where poor decisions are made by individuals that have the potential to damage brands and destroy careers. The easy decisions are those that choose between legal and illegal options. The harder, more subtle decisions choose between more ambiguous options that are ethical or unethical, that arise from hidden conflicts of interest or are simply inadvertent errors of judgement. Participants will be provided with a framework for analysing these types of decisions and ultimately decreasing the chances of making poor decisions that negatively impact their lives or the reputation of their organisation.

Who Will Benefit

Any employee, from any sector, industry or region who wants to build their competence and confidence in making decisions that reflect their values and those of their organisation.

Program Content

  • The nature of ethical decisions in the workplace
  • How unethical decisions grow in scale and impact
  • Common examples of inappropriate decisions
  • A framework for making decisions
  • What individuals can do to decrease the likelihood of making a poor decision
  • What organisations can do to support individual decision making
  • Responding to poor decisions of others
  • Checks and balances to decision making
  • Mini case studies and examples.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Understand how and why unethical decision making arises in organisations
  • Acquire greater confidence when making decisions in their workplace
  • Apply a framework to making important ethical decisions at work
  • Apply strategies when they suspect others have acted inappropriately.
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1 Day


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