Online activity including business has exploded in the last few years. The subtleties and differences of writing in an online environment are analysed and discussed in this program. As a result participants will be enabled to create effective online documents such as Web pages, electronic newsletters and PDF documents.


This program helps participants to recognise the subtleties and differences of writing in an online environment and creating effective online documents such as web pages, email newsletters and PDF documents.

Who Will Benefit

Anyone who contributes to Intranet or Internet sites and/or those who write other documents that will be read online. This program is essential for web designers, people who write email newsletters or for people who are responsible for their organisation’s web content.

Program Content

  • Differences between online and offline documents
  • Understanding how people read online documents differently
  • Defining the purpose and understanding the readers
  • Guidelines for preparing online content
  • Engaging and persuading the readers
  • Preparing clear and concise web content.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Understand how readers read online documents
  • Select appropriate online content
  • Write clear and concise text for online reading
  • Use the correct tone to address their intended readers
  • Edit their writing for clarity and quality.
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