Discover the essential principles of selling and remove the fear of being high pressure or manipulative. This program is ideal for people who are new to selling or who consider themselves as 'non-salespeople'.


Every business needs to ‘sell’ in order to succeed, and not everyone understands how selling is a way of enabling the customer to achieve what they want. This program will introduce participants to the principles of selling in a way that removes the fears that new or non-salespeople have about being seen as high pressure or manipulative. Participants learn how selling is a customer focused, solutions driven process as they increase their skill and comfort at selling their organisation’s products and services.

Who Will Benefit

Non-salespeople or those new to selling who are required to promote their organisation and sell their products and services. Also suited to people who need to understand  how selling benefits the customer as much as their own organisation.

Program Content

  • Recognising that everybody sells something at sometime
  • Gaining respect as a salesperson
  • Developing a role of a professional salesperson
  • Selling solutions to overcome the customer’s problems
  • Applying sales techniques that build rather than destroy relationships
  • Using questioning techniques and listening skills to understand the customer’s needs
  • Presenting the features and benefits of the solution
  • Gaining the customer’s commitment to buy
  • Following through to ensure customer satisfaction.

Learning Outcomes

Participants should be able to:

  • Understand and accept the benefits of working in a sales oriented culture in organisations
  • Support selling as a positive behaviour for meeting customer needs
  • Use some non-manipulative sales techniques
  • Correctly use features and benefits to demonstrate their solutions
  • Promote products and services based on value rather than price.
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1 Day


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