Shil Shanghavi AFAIM
Founder Chatterbox Public Speaking

Despite living with a stutter, Shil has trained himself to become a professional speaker and developed an intimate understanding of how to harness and control the fear of public speaking.

Combining two decades of intuitive speaking techniques, Shil works with his clients to become confident presenters, guiding them to manage their anxieties and discover innate hidden strengths to find their own public speaking style.

Shil is Board Member for Guerrilla Establishment, a presentation mentor for Impact100 WA and a speaker coach for TEDxPerth.

Event Overview

THE JOURNEY TO ONE PERCENT - How Public Speaking Can Elevate You To The Top Of Your Game

In this motivating talk, Shil Shanghavi will share his story of how he transformed his fear of public speaking to running Chatterbox - his own public speaking practice.

Through his own failures and missed opportunities, Shil will discuss what he learnt about why public speaking is an essential skill for building your career.

By embracing fear, learn how Shil turned his kryptonite into a superpower and how anybody can harness their fear of public speaking.

The ability to engage a room and confidently present is one of the most important skills for any professional.


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2 hours


    AIM WA Leadership Centre
    76 Birkdale Street, Floreat

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