Adam Spencer
Commentator, Author and Comedian

Adam Spencer was completing a PhD in Pure Mathematics when he happened to win the national Triple J Raw Comedy championship in 1996. From there, a television and radio career beckoned and Adam completed 15 years as one of Australia’s most respected, wittiest and thought provoking breakfast radio commentators across Triple J and later ABC 702.

Adam explained his love of prime numbers and the magic of maths to an enraptured TED audience in early 2013 and since being posted online, his talk has had over two million views. Adam is the ambassador for many charities including Redkite and in 2014 was appointed University of Sydney’s Ambassador for Maths and Science.


Shara Evans
Technology Futurist, Media Commentator, Entrepreneur and CEO, Market Clarity

Shara Evans shows organisations how to take advantage of the opportunities underpinned by emerging technologies. As one of the world’s top female futurists, Shara is one of those rare individuals who merge incredible technical skills with an innate understanding of the social and economic impact of new technologies.

Regarded as a leading expert on emerging technologies, cyber security, digital privacy and the future of health, humanity and work, Shara is regularly featured on broadcast television.

An accomplished entrepreneur Shara is the founder and CEO of leading technology analyst firm Market Clarity and previously founded Telsyte, a strategic telecommunications and technology consulting group.

As a keynote speaker, Shara Evans weaves a narrative of a near future radically different from our current world… but clearly recognisable as the result of today’s newest technological leaps. By contextualising and humanising the research and technology that will shape the next 10-20 years, Shara assists organisations to create and commercialise the products and services of tomorrow.

Glenn Stewart
High Performance Manager, West Coast Eagles

Glenn has been the High Performance Manager with West Coast Eagles since 1997.  He has been involved with 4 Premierships and 21 Finals campaigns.

Holding a Masters Degree in Physical Education and a Diploma of Education.

Glenn coached athletes to the Olympic and Commonwealth Games and World Cup in sprints and hurdles.

Glenn has also co-authored the coaching book, 'Speed to Win' and authored the coaching book for Netball Australia 'Strength and Conditioning for Netball'. Contributing a chapter to the book 'High Performance Coaching for Sports'.

He is also the Director of Athletes Performance Academy – a business providing coaching and development programs for athletes of all sports.

Dr Susan Carland
Academic, Author and Social Commentator

Dr Susan Carland has a PhD from Monash University’s School of Social Sciences, where she is the director of the Bachelor of Global Studies. In 2019, she was awarded The Paul Tys Churchill Fellowship to explore practical strategies for countering Islamophobia.

Susan is the host of SBS quiz/documentary series Child Genius. She regularly guest hosts on ABC Melbourne radio, hosted the ABC Radio National series Assumptions and is a regular Friday panellist on ABC TV’s News Breakfast.

In 2017, her first book Fighting Hislam was published by Melbourne University Publishing. Accolades include the “Who’s Who of Australian Women” list, in InStyle as a “Woman of Style” and in Elle as one of 17 women “To Know and be Inspired by”. She was named on the “20 Most Influential Australian Female Voices” list by The Age and also been named on the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World list, and as a “Muslim Leader of Tomorrow” by the UN Alliance of Civilisations.

Susan is an ambassador for UNICEF Australia and is also a certified scuba diver!

Event Overview


Adam Spencer - quirky, smart, funny and brilliant, Adam translates the complex world of science and discovery into a language that everyone can understand.  His extensive exposure to the latest technologies and inventions will open many opportunities and challenges for organisations across a wide range of industries.

Shara Evans – provides a glimpse into a very near future of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence where repetitive manual work becomes obsolete, along with many jobs.  At the same time, Shara will show how businesses that focus on the creative potential of their human capital and invest in upskilling and retraining will thrive.

Glenn Stewartas the High Performance Manager for the West Coast Eagles, Glenn knows a lot about what it takes to get the best out of people.  What you may not know is how important data is to the Eagles in order to challenge the mental models of performance and take an evidence-based, rather than gut-feel, approach to peak performance.

Dr Susan Carland – tomorrow’s workplace won’t just be about technology.  People will remain critical to the success of every organisation.  However, in a global marketplace, the workforce may not look like it does today.  How will you, your organisation and our society prosper with a diverse, multi-cultural workforce and customer base?  Susan will share some of the factors that will help and hinder our success in the new global village.

Rather than stepping tentatively into the future, our four speakers will energise and inspire you to grasp the opportunities and excitement that lies ahead.  Build your confidence, capacity and commitment to succeeding in the new world of work.

Why You and Your Team Should Attend Future Hack 2.0

We are swamped by predictions of the future.  Much of it is hearsay and lacks an authoritative source.  Future Hack will give you access to people close to real issues that will impact on your organisation over the next few years.  In particular, they will:

  • Share some of the technologies that are set to profoundly change the way we work
  • Help you frame your strategy to respond positively to the changing landscape
  • Build agility in your team to cope with change
  • Build a culture and expectation of evidence-based decision making
  • Provide insights into the conscious and unconscious biases that may limit your ability to get the best from a diverse workforce
  • Create a positive mindset about the future.
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