Cha Higginson

Over the past 15 years, Cha has been fascinated with the subconscious mind and finding the most effective modalities to intentionally support growth and conscious expansion.

Cha works with both individuals and corporations committed to challenging the status quo and unravelling their subconscious programming to step into their authenticity with ease and joy.

Event Overview

Your Best Self Series


It’s common as leaders and managers to step out of our comfort zones to take ourselves and our teams to the next level. This often leads to extreme levels of stress and overwhelm, because we’re fighting our minds with the popular goal of “mastering our mindset”

What if there was another way? Understanding the rules of the mind and how to collaborate with your subconscious will rapidly expand your awareness and help you tap into your true potential.

In this presentation, Cha Higginson, The Mindset Strategist will share:

• How your mind really works and how you may be getting in your own way
• How to harness the power of your subconscious
• Practical strategies to live more mindfully
• The profound impact your environment has on your mindset
• How to create an intentional space to support your growth
• The most effective way to heal your emotional triggers

We’ll be experiencing a group transformational hypnosis at this session to clear out any subconscious blocks to you showing up as your authentic and best self.


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2 hours


    AIM WA Leadership Centre
    76 Birkdale St, Floreat

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