Neil Urry FAIM
Owner, Yoga Fusion
Co-Founder, Soul Sanctuary Yoga Safaris

Neil has been teaching yoga since 2009 having been introduced to the practice of yoga in 2002. With a passion for teaching, Neil spent his time before yoga working as a gym instructor and health coach, as well as being a massage therapist.
Yoga’s amazing physical components, plus its mental, emotional and spiritual developmental side led Neil to feel that he had really found his calling!
Neil facilitates regular retreats to India, Japan and South Africa.

Dwayne Nestor
Head Coach, Wallaroos, Mindset Coach, Founder of SiSu Life and PassSport and Co-Founder Soul Sanctuary Yoga Safaris.

With 14 years of coaching elite youth athletes, professional sportspeople, teams, corporates and professionals, Dwayne has developed a wealth of knowledge and practical experience building champion mindsets and high-performing teams.
Dwayne firmly believes that creating a champion mindset requires a combination of mental and physical development, and that for many of us, our capabilities are untapped.

Event Overview

Your Best Self Series



Yoga and mindset control are powerful tools for overcoming obstacles in our lives. Often we perceive failures as negatives, but changing our view so we see them as a learning opportunity, ultimately leads to success.

Creating a champion mindset requires a holistic view of our development; one which encompasses our physical wellness through mind and body connection. Yoga provides a great foundation for this connection.

At the session, we will explore how a heightened awareness of our physical body, using basic yoga postures (asana), can help us adopt new strategies to avoid “failure”. With this heightened awareness, and the application of our new strategy, we can remove many of the physical obstacles which we believe prevent us from doing a given posture. The same approach can be applied to our mental or emotional beliefs around the same posture.

We’ll connect the building blocks of this physical, mental and emotional approach to postures in Yoga with the fundamental thought processes of a positive mindset, and show how long term development requires greater perspective and perseverance.

Join us for lunch and learn:
• An appreciation for greater perspective through a heightened awareness of self
• Practical tools to create mind and body connection
• Strategies to create a positive mindset.

The yoga asana explored in this session are very basic and don’t require any
experience of yoga, or special clothing.


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2 hours


    AIM WA Leadership Centre
    76 Birkdale St, Floreat

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