How long will it take to complete my qualification?

This depends on your current level of experience and the requirements of the qualification. On average you should expect your journey to span 6 months - 2 years. You will have a two year expiry deadline on your enrolment.

The completion of any qualification is subject to training package updates (a decision made by the relevant Industry Skills Council). AIM WA will notify you as soon as practical if you are impacted by any changes.

You are encouraged to commence your assessments within 3 months of completing any associated training to maximise retention of information and to capitalise on the motivation resulting from the training.

How much will it cost?

Your investment for any qualification will vary according to the qualification you select, as fees are calculated per unit. You will be invoiced for fees at enrolment.

For total costs, visit

When do I have to pay for my qualification?

Full fees will be invoiced where an employer is paying and an enrolment fee of $1,500 will be invoiced to individuals paying their own fees with the remainder invoiced three months after commencement.

Do Corporate Members receive a discount?

Yes they do. If your organisation is an AIM WA Corporate Member you will receive a reduced program fee according to your level of membership (Corporate Gold, Corporate Silver/Plus or Corporate Bronze/Plus). You are also entitled to reduced Assessment and RPL fees. If your organisation is not currently a Corporate Member then please consider the benefits and savings available to you by visiting us at New Corporate Membership or by contacting us at and we will be able to assist you with your queries. 

Should I become a Professional Member at AIM WA?

If you are completing a qualification it is worth your while becoming a Professional Member of AIM WA. We will waive the membership fee for the first year of your membership. This will provide you additional benefits and learning resources exclusively for AIM WA members. Find out more about the extensive range of Professional Member Benefits.

What is Credit Transfer?

If you already hold units of competency with another training organisation you may be able to use these towards another qualification in a process called Credit Transfer (CT). You will need to provide a copy of your Statement of Attainment, Record of Results or access to view your transcript via your Student Portal through the USI Organisation Portal.(where you set up your USI) before any relevant and equivalent competencies are recognised. Fees may apply.

What if not all of the competencies in the qualification suit my role?

The electives offered with all our qualifications are based on our experience and feedback from industry. We also appreciate that our electives will not meet everyone’s needs. Please contact us to discuss alternative packaging options.

What type of assessment is involved?

Our vocational qualifications are targeted at existing workers. The assessment requirements include underpinning knowledge questions, work based projects / tasks and documents. The emphasis is on application of knowledge and skills in the workplace.

What if my assessment includes confidential or commercially sensitive information?

AIM WA recognises that it is important for you to know that any information provided by you to AIM WA is:

  • Stored Securely
  • Maintained accurately
  • Not shared with others without your consent as regulated by the Australian Privacy Principles
  • Covered by a Confidentially Contract and Code of Conduct that all our assessors are bound by.

In most cases it is possible to remove names or other details from your assessments while still maintaining the integrity of the document.

What if I need help finishing the qualification?

The Assessment Services team can assist with your queries or arrange for an assessor to contact you. We will help get you on the right track!

What if I am asked for further evidence?

If your assessor determines that your submission is Not Satisfactory, you will have the opportunity to re-work your submission and resubmit for assessment - no additional fee will be applied.

It is important that you are clear about what is required for a satisfactory result so we encourage you to seek further feedback from your assessor if required, as you will only have three opportunities to resubmit.

Can I appeal the decision?

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your assessment, you have a right of appeal.

The appeals/grievance process is:

  • Ask the Assessor to explain their decision in more detail. Discuss the areas they feel required more attention or more evidence
  • If you are happy with their explanation, work together on a development plan to help you acquire the relevant skills and/or knowledge, or to provide additional evidence of your competence
  • If you are still unhappy after hearing the Assessor’s explanation then your appeal/grievance should be made in writing to Assessment Services

Any grievance about AIM WA and/or appeal against an assessment decision will be managed in the strictest confidence.

When will my Qualification be issued?

Once you have completed all of the required units of competency for your qualification you will be issued with a testamur (the Qualification) as well as a Record of your Results.

Statements of Attainment* are issued for all competent units in the event that a full qualification is not completed

All accounts must be settled before AIM WA will issue certification documents.

You must also supply us with your Unique Student Identifier before we can issue any certification documents.

What if I misplace my Certification Documents?

Don’t panic! AIM WA keeps accurate records of your training and assessment history which you can readily access. A PDF copy of your Certification documents can be provided at no charge. We can also reissue your Certification documents – administrative costs apply.

Re-Issuing of Certification Documents Fee
Hard-Copy printing of a Statement of Attainment * $40
Qualification and Record of Results $60
Framed Qualification and Record of Results $100

* Since July 2015 AIM WA switched to electronic Statements of Attainment.