Return On Investment Calculator

Realising The Full Performance Improvement Available From Learning & Development

The ROI Calculator is designed as a simple tool to help you estimate the potential returns from your investment in a particular training program. We all know that there are many factors that influence the returns that come from learning and development. We hope this tool will encourage conversation around how to maximise the benefits from training.

After you try out the calculator, we’ll introduce you to another model which explores some additional ways you might increase the return-on-investment and tell you about three significant research projects the Institute has invested in to help our clients gain the maximum value from their association with AIM WA.

Self Development or Multiplier Effect?

You have a choice of two calculators:

    • The Self Development - ROI Calculator is best used for a participant attending a program that is primarily designed for their own development, such as a short personal time management program.
    • The Multiplier Effect - ROI Calculator is ideal for someone attending a management or supervisor program who is responsible for a team of people.  In these situations, it is highly likely that the performance improvement from the training will extend beyond the individual to the other members of their team, therefore generating a multiplier effect.

Click on the appropriate button for the calculator you would like to try.  Click Home below to come back to this page to try the other calculator at any time.

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