Previous Dapper Apps Digital Account Manager Boyd Hauff AIMM assessment of the world of business today is frank.

“All companies are technology companies first, and whatever they are doing second,” he told Leader.

“You look at Spotify, it’s a technology company that happens to do music.

“Amazon is another good one – technology comes first, retail second.

“If you’re not a technology company now or you’re not considering it, you’re already behind.”

This view has undoubtedly driven Mr Hauff’s passion for his work in mobile app development.

A finalist in the Future Leader of the Year category at the Australian Marketing Institute’s 2017 Awards for Marketing Excellence, Mr Hauff said his role at Dapper Apps was somewhat unconventional when it came to the idea of leadership.

“I have to lead projects with zero authority,” he said. “I have no authority over the production team, I have no authority over management and I have no authority over the client.

“But I’m responsible for the success of the project.”

This being the case, Mr Hauff has made good use of some common wisdom in his role.

“I think one of the key things is leading by example is a no-brainer,” he said. “If I’m working with someone or I’m looking at an organisation, the words have to match the action and decision making.

“I try to take that on internally, but also when I’m working with other people, that’s the key thing.”

This philosophy is perhaps what drove Mr Hauff to take on a lead organising role in support of London-based product management company ProductTank.

The brand behind a network of product management meetups between industry professionals in more than 155 cities around the world, ProductTank has provided a rare opportunity in Perth, according to Mr Hauff.

“I went to their first or second event, one of the really early ones, and I really enjoyed it,” he said. “It was a space for product management, and there’s not really another space in Perth for that.”

Perth events to date have given product managers the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences around product design, development and management, business modelling, metrics and user experience.

“We’ve done a callout to attendees and asked what events they are looking for and what locations and times are better,” Mr Hauff said.

“We’re just going to continue hosting events, discuss different topics and grow it from there.”

Growth seems to be the key word when it comes to the technology space, both globally and locally, where Mr Hauff said businesses were realising the importance of adding a digital string to their bows.

Mobile apps seem to be at the forefront of this change, providing businesses with a useful and easily accessible means of delivering their services in the new age.

Mr Hauff said this was where his passion lay.

“One of the key things is problem solving and having something materialise,” he said. “In the wonderful world of app development, a business will come to you with a problem that can be solved through technology. Being able to solve that problem and see the solution through to fruition – resolving it on a commercial level – that’s satisfying.”

Looking to the future, Mr Hauff has started work on a project aimed at furthering skills in the wider industry.

“It’s an accelerator focused on hands-on skills for business students,” he said. “That means you are actually using the tools you use out in the industry; so that’s customer relationship management, email tools, content management, system tools – all those things that graduates are likely going to do.”

Greta Andrews-Taylor is a Journalist at The West Australia and is a writer for 'Leader', AIM WA's magazine for members.