More than 230 of Perth‘s leading CEOs, managers and business leaders were treated to a master class by the world’s leading executive business coach Dr Marshall Goldsmith on Tuesday.

The one-day seminar ‘Creating Behaviour That Lasts’ was held at the Hyatt Regency, Perth and held exclusively by the Australian Institute of Management WA (AIM WA).

At the seminar Dr Goldsmith explained how outside influences or ‘triggers’ constantly impacted on our environment throughout the day, often negatively.
He said it was our reactions to these triggers (that were usually in the form of people or situations), which enticed us into behaving in a manner diametrically opposed to who we imagined ourselves to be.

“These triggers are constant and relentless and omnipresent and range from poor relationships between staff members at work, to technological interruptions such as mobile phones, tablets and texts,” Dr Goldsmith said.

“At home they often take the form of movies, computer games and social media.
“This ‘media addiction’ is far-reaching and growing, creating a perfect storm for distraction and luring people into behaving counter-productively.

“It creates a ‘monkey-mind’ amongst many of today’s workers as they go from distraction to distraction, like monkeys swinging through the jungle.”

Dr Goldsmith offered some valuable choices in how to respond to these triggers to lessen or neutralise their effect, and thus provide business leaders with the power to remarkably transform themselves and their team members.

Former Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally, for example, almost singlehandedly transformed Ford from many billions of dollars in debt, to one of the United States’ most profitable motor companies.

He said Mr Mulally used the Goldsmith ‘Leading Together’ process to enact the turnaround. ‘Leading Together’ uses a range of methods including identifying the leader as a facilitator (the mobiliser, not the expert); building cross-organisational understanding and knowledge, and encouraging leaders to take mutual responsibility,” Dr Goldsmith said.

“Other methods included getting clear on priorities (by identifying the top five per person); establishing clear leadership behaviour; determining each manager’s position in relation to their area’s performance (using red, yellow or green as indicators of success rate - with red being the least successful), and holding regular weekly follow-ups.”

AIM WA CEO Emeritus Professor Gary Martin said Dr Goldsmith’s seminar was a huge success, and feedback indicated Goldsmith’s approachability, capacity to engage, and passion for getting his message across was overwhelming.

Dr Goldsmith has written 35 books including New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling business books Triggers - Creating Behaviour That Lasts, Becoming the Person You Want to Be,and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

In November 2015 Dr Goldsmith was recognised as the #1 Leadership Thinker in the World and the top 5 Management Thinker at the Thinkers50 Award Ceremony in London. He was also selected as the #1 Executive Coach in the World by, and as one of the 10 Most Influential Management Thinkers in the World by Thinkers50 in both 2011 and 2013. Over 150 of Fortune 500’s Top Leaders have experienced Dr Goldsmith’s unique executive coaching process and taken their performance to the next level.

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