The World’s most successful and charismatic business coach, Dr Marshall Goldsmith, will visit Perth in March to give a full-day seminar exclusively for the Australian Institute of Management Western Australia (AIM WA) on ‘Creating Behaviour That Lasts’.

Over 150 of Fortune 500’s Top Leaders have experienced Dr Goldsmith’s unique executive coaching process, taking their performance to the next level.

Emeritus Professor Gary Martin, CEO of AIM WA, said Dr Goldsmith’s ‘feedforward’ method helped point out to business leaders exactly which behaviours needed changing. 

“Goldsmith says winning too much tops the list and underlies nearly every other behavioural problem. For instance, when we argue too much, it’s because we want to win,” Professor Martin said

“His philosophy is that when we try to prove other people are wrong we are really not learning anything.”

He said Goldsmith acknowledged most of us were excellent planners - but very often inferior at carrying out those plans.

“This is especially true when outside influences continually impact on our environment throughout the day.”

Harvard Business Review and Thinkers50 recently voted Dr Goldsmith as the World’s Number One leadership thinker, and UK-based Thinkers50 ranked him as the world’s Number-5 business thinker in 2015.

Thinkers50 produces the world’s most respected ranking of management and leadership thinkers every two years.

Professor Martin said Dr Goldsmith’s methods provided a realistic and effective solution to the problems faced by many business people.

“By recognising many of these environmental factors as ‘trigger points’ luring people into behaving counter-productively, Dr Goldsmith offers participants a choice in how to respond to these triggers,” he said.

“Through a disciplined process of self-monitoring, Dr Goldsmith uses ‘active questions’ based on our own efforts and not our results.”

He said this gives businesses the power to remarkably transform themselves and their team members - thereby improving business performance and allowing both employees and management to build on their existing strengths, and better manage their weaknesses.

Harvard Business School has also recommended six of Goldsmith’s books in their ‘Working Knowledge’ series, and his latest book ‘Triggers’ was the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling business book for 2015.

A worldwide authority on how to achieve meaningful and lasting change in business, Dr Goldsmith is the author or co-editor of 33 books, including ‘What Got You Here Won't Get You There’, which was a New York Times best-seller, Wall Street Journal Number One Business Book and winner of the Harold Longman Award as Best Business Book of the Year.

Seminar details:

Dr Goldsmith’s full-day seminar entitled ‘Creating Behaviour That Lasts’ is on Tuesday March 15, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Perth (Grand Ballroom). Early bookings are encouraged as the last seminar sold out.

For bookings please contact: 
Nola de Mouncey, Manager – International Programs AIM WA on 9383 8050 or

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Alex Quinn, Director Marketing and PR, AIM WA on 9383 8015 m: 0431  091 118 or