20 October 2020

How Facebook and Instagram are killing school reunions

If you finished high school in 1990, it is likely you would have this year weighed up the pros and cons of pausing your regular Saturday night with Netflix for a once-in-a-lifetime event - your 30th anniversary school reunion.
18 October 2020

Subsidy for the young confirms ageism

There is no doubt the Federal Government's new JobMaker package provides a cocktail of the right ingredients to give young Australians a real chance of making the transition from welfare into the workplace.
14 October 2020

Those workplace nicknames can be hurtful and unkind

The use of nicknames is again surging in popularity including in the least likely of "playgrounds" - the workplace.
11 October 2020

Swiss ruling could end the WFH movement

A rare winner from the COVID-19 pandemic has been the movement known as "work from home". Thousands of workers roll out of bed each day and into makeshift offices in their kitchens, living areas or home-theatre rooms to start a work from home (WFH) shift.
03 October 2020

We need to get bold

WA's captains of industry stand ready to engage with the McGowan Government, and are pushing for bold thinking as pressure points begin to emerge among various sectors.
25 September 2020

Bore-out a slow burn of the pandemic business slowdown

You have heard about "burnout", the debilitating condition caused by excessive demands and prolonged stress.
16 September 2020

It is wrong and mean but not all negative behaviour is bullying

Queensland's Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says she was bullied by Prime Minister Scott Morrison when he intervened in the case of a woman unable to attend her father's funeral in the Sunshine State.
08 September 2020

Bosses' fear of highly qualified workers can be self-defeating

With the pandemic pushing unemployment rates up, you might think the most highly qualified and experienced job seekers will be the first to be snapped up as new opportunities emerge.
08 September 2020

Workplace text etiquette starts with checks

Once considered too personal for work matters, the humble text message is pinging its way all over our workplaces.
26 August 2020

COVID-safe work means idea of walk 'n' talk meetings has legs

Get your sneakers on. The once popular walking meeting is making a comeback as bosses discover ways to remain COVID-19 safe and allay workers' fears about being forced to be uncomfortably close to their colleagues.