03 June 2018

Networking doesn't need to be awkward

Have you ever been to a function or event designed to create business or strategic networks, only to find that many staff tend to gather in clusters with people they know and avoid chatting with invited guests?
27 May 2018

A toxic employee can leech a workplace dry

Just like a leech loves nothing more than to suck the blood out of you, a toxic employee can sap the energy right out of your company.
25 May 2018

Smart technology the way to future studies

There is a revolution sweeping Australia's university sector that is impossible to ignore, and which will deliver an interesting case study in managing a change in consumer habits.
20 May 2018

When a look in the mirror reflects bad news

Have you ever worked for a manager who is insensitive, disrespectful, and a tad egotistical, and at worst highly volatile, abusive and ridiculously self-absorbed?
13 May 2018

Fewer work hours could be good for business

A friend of mine is a procrastinator who takes a while to hit his full stride at work and somehow operates best when he is incentivised to get the work done at a pace quicker than he usually musters.
06 May 2018

Sick and at work a clear and present danger

Just like your computer malfunctions, the photocopier jams and the printer fails, employees "break down" or get sick and need time out of the workplace to undergo repair.
05 May 2018

Education could offer a boost for WA Tourism

The AIM WA WestBusiness CEO Voice boardroom lunch held on Thursday 3 May explored the issues, challenges and opportunities for WA Tourism.
29 April 2018

Mental health warning signs for bosses

It is alarming. Experts believe about one in five Australians have taken time off work in the past 12 months because they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy.
22 April 2018

Remove flammables to avoid staff burnout

It is an insidious and growing part of everyday work life and is happening in your workplace.
15 April 2018

Look in rear-vision mirror for blind spots

When driving, it is that spot just behind the shoulders that we often refer to as the blind spot. That very same concept has also been applied to those in management and leadership roles.